Adjective Meaning and Examples

Adjective Meaning and Examples
Adjective Meaning and Examples

Adjective Meaning and Examples:-
आज SSCGK इस आर्टिकल में आपसे Adjective Meaning and Examples के बारे में विस्तार से चर्चा करेंगे |

इस से पहले आर्टिकल में आप भारत की प्रमुख नदियां  के बारे में विस्तार से पढ़ चुके हैं |

Adjective Meaning and Examples-

We know that An adjective is a word that customizes and intensifies a noun or a
pronoun. It gives additional information about what the noun or the pronoun refers to.

संज्ञा या सर्वनाम की विशेषता बताने वाले शब्दों को विशेषण कहते हैं।”

अन्य शब्दों में,

वाक्य में प्रयुक्त संज्ञा या सर्वनाम शब्दों की विशेषता बताने वाले शब्द को विशेषण कहते हैं।‘’

जैसे- काला, गोरा, मीठा, खट्टा, लंबा, छोटा, सुंदर, कुरूप, अच्छा, बुरा आदि।

“ An Adjective is usually comes right before the noun or the pronoun that it modifies.
We can use more than one adjective to describe a noun or a pronoun and when a
noun comes before another noun, it becomes its adjective.’’


Deepu has a colourful dress.

Monu has a big bus.

I like yellow roses.

There is a tall tree in the garden.

There is a small rat under the table. .

The scene of the jungle was very beautiful.

In the above list the bold words are adjectives.

Adjective Meaning and Examples SSC:-

Type of Adjectives- There are eight types of adjectives given as under –

No. 1. Descriptive Adjectives

No. 2. Proper Adjectives

No. 3. Demonstrative Adjectives

No. 4. Numeral Adjectives

No. 5. Descriptive Adjectives

No. 6. Adjective of Quantity

No. 7. Possessive Adjectives

No. 8. Interrogative Adjectives

एड्जेक्टिव्स मीनिंग एंड एक्साम्पल्स फॉर एचएसएस सी-

No. 1. Descriptive Adjectives- Adjectives of quality describe a person, a place
or a thing and hence are also known as descriptive adjective. They show quality,
size, origin, colour, shape, taste, acts, feel, look or some other quality of nouns and pronouns.


Dheeraj is a funny man.

The yellow butterfly is sitting on the flower.

No. 2. Proper Adjectives- Adjective  that formed from proper nouns, like
Indian Rasmalaai and Japaneese Sooshi, are called proper adjectives. However,
they are generally considered as adjectives of quality.


Indian Rasgulla is famous all over the world.

Indian sweets are probably the best sweets  in the world.

Hydrogen gas is the lightest gas and element.

एड्जेक्टिव्स मीनिंग एंड एक्साम्पल्स फॉर सी.पी.ओ.-

No. 3. Demonstrative Adjectives –. The adjectives that point out nouns are called
demonstrative adjectives. These adjectives show whether the noun they refer to is singular
or plural and whether it is located near or far.


This  fountain pen is very expensive.

Please Look at that digital board.

These mangoes are very sweet.

These rooms have been built recently.

No. 4. Numeral Adjectives- Adjectives of number show how many things or persons are meant.
They also tell us the order in which the person or thing stands. These types of adjectives are also
known as numeral adjective.

Example –

Rakesh secured first position in his class.

Neelam bought six Bananas.

We ordered for four cups of tea.

The tenth boy standing from the left won a gold medal for the school.

Bring me three books from the shelf.

We know that A week has seven days.

January is the first month of the year.

Adjective Meaning and Examples:-

No. 5. Adjectives of Quality – Adjectives of quality describe a person, a place or a thing
and hence are also known as descriptive adjective. They show quality, size, origin, colour,
shape, taste, acts, feel, look or some other quality of nouns and pronouns.


Dheeraj is a funny man.

The yellow butterfly is sitting on the flower.

I have a holy book.

Rose is a beautiful flower.

No. 6. Adjective of Quantity- Adjectives of quantity are the words that indicate
the quantity of nouns and pronouns.

Examples –

There is Just a little juice left in the jug.

Have you enough food?

Raunak does not need much money.

Bring all the books from the classroom.

Nancy takes great care of her parents.

Many bikes are parked in the ground.

Adjective Meaning and Examples:-

No. 7. Possessive Adjectives- The adjectives that show possession are called possessive
adjectives. My, your, his, her its, our and their are possessive adjectives used with nouns
to show ownership.


This bike was gifted by my father.

The cat is licking its paws.

No. 8. Interrogative Adjectives- The adjectives are the words that tell us about a question.
These are  used along with nouns to ask questions.


Which road shall we take?

What time would the match begin?

Whose Bus is this?.

Adjective Meaning and Examples:-

Degrees of comparison-


Positive comparative superlative

  1. Large- विशाल- larger- largest
  2. Sweet –मीठा-sweet- sweetest
  3. Old –पुराना- older -oldest
  4. Fat –मोटा- fatter -fattest
  5. Long –लंबा- longer -longest
  6. Wise –बुद्धिमान- wiser -wiset
  7. Safe –सुरक्षित- safer -safest
  8. Fine –अच्छा- finer -finest
  9. Young –युवा- younger -youngest
  10. High –ऊंचा- higher -highest
  11. Noble –श्रेष्ठ- Nobler -noblest
  12. White –सफेद- whiter -whitest
  13. Lovely –प्रिय- lovelier -loveliest
  14. Easy –आसान-Easier -Easiest
  15. Merry खुश होना -Marrier -Marriest
  16. Big बड़ा-bigger -biggest
  17. Wet गीला -Wetter- Wettest
  18. Late –बाद का- later -latest
  19. Heavy –भारी- heavier -heaviest
  20. Happy –खुश- happier -happiest
  21. Pretty –सुंदर- Prittier -prettiest
  22. Hot –गर्म- Hotter -Hottest
  23. Healthy –स्वस्थ- healthier- healthiest
  24. Dirty –गंदा- dirtier -dirtiest
  25. Proud –गर्व करना- prouder -proudest
  26. Fast –तेज- faster fastest
  27. Clean –साफ- शंcleaner -cleanest
  28. Sharp –तेज- sharper -sharpest
  29. Short –छोटा- shorter -shortest
  30. Wise –बुद्धिमान- wiser- wisest
  31. Poor –गरीब- poorer -poorest
  32. Small –छोटा-smaller -smallest
  33. Quiet –शांत- quieter -quietest
  34. Strange –विचित्र- stranger -strangest
  35. Ugly –बदसूरत-Uglier -Ugliest
  36. Slow –धीमा- slower -slowest
  37. Weak –कमजोर- weaker -weakest
  38. Bright –चमकीला- brighter -brightest
  39. Black –काला- blacker -blackest
  40. Strong –शक्तिशाली- stronger -strongest
  41. Deep –बहरा- deeper -deepest
  42. Cold –ठंडा- colder -coldest
  43. Cool –शीतल- cooler -coolest
  44. Dear –प्रिय- dearer -dearest
  45. Empty –खाली- Emptier -Emptiest
  46. Clever –चालाक-Cleverer -cleverest
  47. Angry –क्रोधित- Angrier -angriest
  48. Nice –सुंदर-nicer -nicest
  49. Fierce –भयंकर- fiercer -fiecest
  50. Dark –घना/अंधेरा-darker -darkest
  51. Light –हलका lighter- lightest
  52. Smart –smarter -smartest
  53. Warm –गर्म- warmer -warmest
  54. Close –बंद करना/नजदीक- Closer -Closest
  55. Low –नीचा- Lower -Lovest
  56. Far –दूर-farther -farthest
  57. Far –दूर- further -furthest

58.Tall –लंबा- taller -tallest

Adjective Meaning and Examples-
  1. Bad –बुरा-worse -worst
  2. Good –अच्छा-better -best
  3. Beautiful –सुंदर-more beautiful -most beautiful
  4. Difficult –कठिन-more difficult -most difficult
  5. Foolish –मूर्ख-more foolish -most Foolish
  6. Famous –प्रसिद्ध- more famous -most famous
  7. Important –महत्वपूर्ण- more important -most important
  8. Confused –असमंजस में पड़ा हुआ-more confused -most confused
  9. Fascinating more fascinating -most fascinating
  10. Active –चुस्त- more active -most active
  11. Generous –उदार- more generous -most generous
  12. Comfortable –आरामदायक-more comfortable -most comfortable
  13. Handsome –सुंदर- more handsome -most handsome
  14. Interesting –मजेदार-more interesting -most interesting
  15. Boring –ऊबाऊ-more boring -most boring
  16. Polite –विनम्र-more polite -most polite
  17. Confident –विश्ववस्त-  more confident -most confident
  18. Dangerous –खतरनाक- more dangerous -most dangerous
  19. Careful –सतर्क- more careful -most careful
  20. Consistent –स्थिर- more consistent -most consistent
  21. Expensive –महंगा- more expensive -most expensive
  22. Many –कई- more -most
  23. Much –ज्यादा- more -most