Animals that Start with D


Today in this article  we shall discuss with you about Animals that Start with D in detail. In the earlier post you have read about the Short Vowel Words Short Vowel Sounds in detail.

Animals that Start with D-

List of 38 Animals Starting with D

Are you searching for animals that start with D? Below you’ll find an alphabetical list of all the animals in the world starting with the letter d. You’ll find these animals all over the world, such as in Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Africa. An interesting fact is attached to each animal to get a feel for the amazing diversity among the animal kingdom.

Animals that Start with D

Names of Animals that Start with D-

Here, you can see a list of animals that start with D in English.

1.Dabra Goby




5.Dark-eyed Junco

6.Darwin’s Frog

7.Dassie Rat



10.Desert Tortoise

11.Deutsche Bracke






17.Doberman Pinscher



20.Dogo Argentino

21.Dogue De Bordeaux








29.Dromedary Camel


31.Drum Fish




35.Dung Beetle


37.Dusky Dolphin

38.Dwarf Crocodile

एनिमल्स दैट स्टार्टस विद D-

Animals that Start with D-

No.-1. Dabra Goby

Fish located in the Western Pacific

No.-2. Dachshund

The first Olympic mascot and was bred to hunt badgers

No.-3. Dalmatian

Their origins are a mystery and fire departments used them as coach dogs

No.-4. Damselfish

Used to break in new aquariums and some even are cannibals

No.-5. Dark-eyed Junco

They puff up in winter and are often called snowbirds

No.-6. Darwin’s Frog

Named after Charles Darwin, who also founded them

No.-7. Dassie Rat

Babies are full of fur and can start running within hours

No.-8. Deer

Each year their antlers fall off and regrow, and a male deer is called a buck

No.-9. Degu

Used in diabetes research because they don’t tolerate sugars

No.-10. Desert Tortoise

Females can give birth for up to fifteen years after initial mating

No.-11. Deutsche Bracke

Hunting hound from Germany that is very energetic

No.-12. Dhole

Wild dogs are native to East and Southeast Asia

No.-13. Dik-Dik

Tiny antelopes that make them great for a number of predators

No.-14. Dingo

The largest fence in the world was built to keep them out

No.-15. Dipper

Only songbird that can swim underwater

No.-16. Discus

Very sociable fish and is found in large groups called schools

No.-17. Doberman Pinscher

Amix of a lot of different breeds of dogs and was first bred by a tax collector

No.-18. Dodo

An extinct bird that was flightless and was endemic to an island near Madagascar

No.-19. Dog

Three dogs survived the Titanic sinking and their ability to smell is at least 40x better than humans

Animals that Start with D-

No.-20. Dogo Argentino

Weighs around 80-100 pounds

No.-21. Dogue De Bordeaux

Their loose skin results in wrinkles and folds on its face

No.-22. Dolphin

Has two stomachs and they never chew their food

No.-23. Donkey

Stronger than a horse of the same size

No.-24. Dormouse

A small, nocturnal rodent that lives in trees

No.-25. Dotterel

The female is more colorful than the male

No.-26. Dove

Pigeons and doves belong to the same family

No.-27. Dragonfish

The only known creature to have chlorophyll in its eyes

No.-28. Drever

The first choice for deer hunting and originates from Sweden

No.-29. Dromedary Camel

Can travel up to 100 desert miles without water

No.-30. Drongo

Can mimic calls of other animals, which is used to distract its hosts

No.-31. Drum Fish

Only North American fish that inhabits freshwater its whole life

No.-32. Duck

A male duck is called a drake, a female duck is called a hen and a baby duck is called a duckling

No.-33. Dugong

The closest land relative is the elephant and their diet consists solely of seagrass

No.-34. Dunker

Originated in Norway and also known as a Norwegian Hound

No.-35. Dung Beetle

The world’s strongest insect, due to its ability to move objects 50 times its weight

No.-36. Dunlin

A bird species that is eight inches long

No.-37. Dusky Dolphin

Known for being incredible acrobats

No.-38. Dwarf Crocodile

Smallest species of crocodile