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Delhi Sultanate History in Hindi PDF:

The Delhi Sultanate holds a pivotal place in Indian history. From the 13th to the 16th century, foreign dynasties ruled over this significant era. This Sultanate was rooted in Islamic faith and held sway in Northern India.

Muhammad Ghazni and the Beginning:

In 1192 AD, Muhammad Ghazni launched an assault on the Hindu Shahi Empire in Punjab, marking the inception of the first Turkic dynasty. His successor, Muhammad Ghauri, ascended to the throne as the Sultan of Delhi. Under his reign, the territorial boundaries of the Delhi Sultanate expanded significantly, with several northern regions coming under his rule.

Kutubuddin Aibak and the Qutub Minar:

After Ghauri’s demise, Kutubuddin Aibak assumed the Sultanate’s throne in 1206 AD. His reign witnessed the commencement of the construction of the iconic Qutub Minar.

Firoz Shah Tughlaq and a Flourishing Era:

During Firoz Shah Tughlaq’s rule, the Delhi Sultanate entered a prosperous phase. He was the first ruler of the Tughlaq dynasty, known for his socio-economic reforms.

Ibrahim Lodhi and the Prelude to Mughal Empire:

In 1526 AD, the Battle of Panipat unfolded during the reign of Ibrahim Lodhi from the Lodhi dynasty. It was in this battle that Babur emerged victorious, laying the foundation of the Mughal Empire in India.

Impact on Indian History:

The Delhi Sultanate experienced triumphs and challenges, leaving an indelible mark on Indian culture, society, and economy.

Content Available in this Book:

दिल्ली सल्तनत का इतिहास (Delhi Sultanate History)
दिल्ली सल्तनत की वित्त व्यवस्था (Economic System of the Delhi Sultanate)
लगान निर्धारण करने की प्रक्रिया (Taxation Process)
दिल्ली सल्तनत का राजनीतिक इतिहास (Political History of Delhi Sultanate)
कला एंव स्थापत्य (Art and Architecture)
उत्तर भारत एंव दक्कन के प्रांतीय राजवंश (Regional Dynasties of North India and the Deccan)
विजयनगर साम्राज्य (Vijayanagara Empire)
मुग़ल साम्राज्य (Mughal Empire)
मुग़ल प्रशासन, कला, साहित्य (Mughal Administration, Art, and Literature)
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