Rau’s Focus Monthly Current Affairs PDF Magazine for UPSC 2023


FOCUS is Rau’s monthly magazine of current events, covering current problems and providing analysis of current events. It is not simply a compilation of monthly current affairs; rather, it represents a team effort by experienced educators to select monthly current affairs from all reliable sources that strictly adhere to the UPSC syllabus, to add background and current information to them, to analyze the underlying issues and explain related dimensions, and to produce critical notes for the creation of the UPSC General Studies syllabus.

As its name implies, the monthly current affairs publication Focus only covers topics that are pertinent to the factual and applied components of the UPSC General Studies syllabus. Focus covers all expected topics and themes for the upcoming Civil Services Examination (CSE) in this manner.


The idea of a new emphasis is really beneficial to students. especially,

The manner in which the concerns were written, relating them to past, present, and future facets of the subject.
Essay topics are included, as are moral dilemmas relating to ethics.
Understanding any current topic is much aided by the additional information offered.
How problems are explained. advantages and disadvantages are analyzed in relation to history and the current situation. Putting things together facilitates understanding,
Practice questions, whether they be MCQs or Descriptive questions, are very beneficial for self-evaluation.
Maps and statistics are aiding in the long-term retention of the issue. Visualization facilitates long-term memory retention.
Examining pertinent articles from several newspapers for students.

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