Animals that Start with B


Today in this article we are going to introduce you Animals that Start with B to increase your English vocabulary knowledge. In the earlier post you have read about the Gerunds in detail.

Animals that Start with B –

List of 75 Animals Starting with B

Are you searching for names of animals that start with B? Below is an alphabetical list of all the animals starting with the letter b. You’ll also find an interesting fact attached to each animal!

List of Animals Starting with B-

This list of animals that start with B will help you advance your English vocabulary.


2.Bactrian Camel




6.Banded Palm Civet



9.Barn Owl



12.Barramundi Fish

13.Basenji Dog

14.Basking Shark

15.Basset Fauve de Bretagne

16.Basset Hound


18.Bavarian Mountain Hound



21.Bearded Collie

22.Bearded Dragon


24.Bedlington Terrier


26.Beluga Sturgeon

27.Bengal Tiger

28.Bernese Mountain Dog

29.Bichon Frise



32.Birds Of Paradise



35.Black Marlin

36.Black Rhinocerous

37.Black Russian Terrier

38.Black Widow Spider



41.Blue Jay

42.Blue Lacy Dog

43.Blue Whale

44.Bluetick Coonhound


46.Bolognese Dog



49.Bonito Fish



52.Border Collie

53.Border Terrier

54.Bornean Orangutan

55.Borneo Elephant

56.Boston Terrier

57.Bottlenose Dolphin

58.Bowhead Whale

59.Boxer Dog

60.Boykin Spaniel

61.Brazilian Terrier

62.British Timber

63.Brown Bear



66.Bull Shark

67.Bull Terrier






73.Burrowing Frog


75.Butterfly Fish

एनिमल्स देट स्टार्टस विद बी—

No.-1. Baboon

Can travel more than four miles a day

No.-2. Bactrian Camel

They have sealable nostrils to stop sand from getting up their nose

No.-3. Badger

Their home is called a sett

No.-4. Baiji

A Chinese word that means “a white dolphin”

No.-5. Balinese

A full-grown tiger is only half the size of a Siberian tiger

No.-6. Banded Palm Civet

Markings give it camouflage

No.-7. Bandicoot

Many species are endangered or extinct

No.-8. Barb

Known as a freshwater shark

No.-9. Barn Owl

Found all over the world

No.-10. Barnacle

Related to crabs and lobsters

No.-11. Barracuda

Can grow up to two meters long

No.-12. Barramundi Fish

Its scale rings indicate its age

No.-13. Basenji Dog

They don’t bark

No.-14. Basking Shark

Second biggest fish in the world

No.-15. Basset Fauve de Bretagne

Hunting dog

No.-16. Basset Hound

Bred to hunt

No.-17. Bat

Not all bats hibernate

No.-18. Bavarian Mountain Hound

Originates from Germany

No.-19. Beagle

Have two different sizes

No.-20. Bear

Eight different species

No.-21. Bearded Collie

They love human companionship

No.-22. Bearded Dragon


No.-23. Beaver

Builds dams from sticks and leaves

No.-24. Bedlington Terrier

They don’t shed

No.-25. Beetle

More than 350,000 different species

No.-26. Beluga Sturgeon

Largest freshwater fish species

No.-27. Bengal Tiger

Most numerous species of tiger

No.-28. Bernese Mountain Dog

They come from Switzerland

No.-29. Bichon Frise

Featured in many works of art

No.-30. Binturong

It is Also known as the Asian Bearcat

Animals that Start with B –

No.-31. Bird

Not all birds are able to fly

No.-32. Birds Of Paradise

Known for the elaborate dance of the males

No.-33. Birman

Also known as the Sacred Cat of Burma

No.-34. Bison

The largest mammal in North America

No.-35. Black Marlin

One of the fastest fish

No.-36. Black Rhinocerous

Third-biggest out of the five types of rhinos

No.-37. Black Russian Terrier

Military dogs for the Soviet Union

No.-38. Black Widow Spider

Most people survive their bites

No.-39. Blobfish

Known as one of the ugliest creatures

No.-40. Bloodhound

Difficult to train

No.-41. Blue Jay

They love acorns

No.-42. Blue Lacy Dog

Almost became the Texas A&M mascot

No.-43. Blue Whale

The largest animal on Earth

No.-44. Bluetick Coonhound

Originates from Louisiana

No.-45. Bobcat

Manly targets rabbits

No.-46. Bolognese Dog

They have separation anxiety

No.-47. Bombay

Bred to look like a black panther

No.-48. Bongo

Largest forest antelope

No.-49. Bonito Fish

It cannot bite

No.-50. Bonobo

Shares 97% of the same DNA as humans

No.-51. Booby

Seabirds found across the South Pacific

No.-52. Border Collie

Highly intelligent and trainable

No.-53. Border Terrier

Originally bred to help hunt foxes

No.-54. Bornean Orangutan

Known to use large leaves as umbrellas

No.-55. Borneo Elephant

The smallest species of elephant

No.-56. Boston Terrier

State dog of Massachusetts

No.-57. Bottlenose Dolphin

Stays in groups from 15 to 2,000

No.-58. Bowhead Whale

Can live beyond 200 years

No.-59. Boxer Dog

Originated in Germany

No.-60. Boykin Spaniel

Mistaken as a Cocker Spaniel

Animals that Start with B –

No.-61. Brazilian Terrier

Great pets for children

No.-62. British Timber

Large carnivore

No.-63. Brown Bear


No.-64. Budgerigar

Flock birds that need to socialize daily

No.-65. Buffalo

Has no real natural predators

No.-66. Bull Shark

Thrives in freshwater

No.-67. Bull Terrier

A breed that needs to be kept active

No.-68. Bulldog

Independent animals

No.-69. Bullfrog

Many people eat their legs

No.-70. Bullmastiff

Appeared in “Rocky”

No.-71. Bumblebee

Most common species of bee

No.-72. Burmese

An elegant cat

No.-73. Burrowing Frog

Also known as an eastern owl frog

No.-74. Butterfly

Up to 20,000 different species

No.-75. Butterfly Fish

Usually swims in shallow water