Animals that Start with Z

Animals that Start with Z
Animals that Start with Z

Animals that Start with Z- Today in this article we shall discuss with you on the topic of English Animals that Start with Z in detail. In the earlier post you have read about the Articles A vs An in detail.

Animals that Start with Z-

Interesting Names of 14 Animals Starting with Z

Below is an alphabetical list of animals that start with z. These animals are found all over the world, but that isn’t the only feature that makes them so unique. Each animal has an interesting fact to go with it so that you can better understand its traits, sizes, habits, and more!

Animals that Start with Z

Names of Animals Starting with Z

  1. Zapata Wren
  2. Zebra
  3. Zokor
  4. Zebu
  5. Zebrafish
  6. Zebra Shark
  7. Zebra Finch
  8. Zenaida Dove
  9. Zebra Duiker
  10. Zone-tailed Pigeon
  11. Zonkey
  12. Zorilla
  13. Zorro
  14. Zorse

इंग्लिश में Z से शुरू होने वाले जानवरों के नाम-

Animals that Start with Z  related Amazing Facts –

No. 1. Zapata Wren-

These birds are found in the Zapata Swamp on the southern coast of western Cuba. They eat a variety of different things, such as crickets, beetles, caterpillars, snails, and lizards. They aren’t good fliers, only traveling up to 15 meters at a time.

No. 2. Zebra-

Their average lifespan in the wild is around 25 years. There are three species of zebra, all of which are native to Africa. Their predators include lions, leopards, hyenas, and cheetahs. Zebras are very social animals and live together in large groups.

No. 3. Zebra Duiker-

Mothers hide their babies for the first two to three weeks after giving birth, visiting the infant for nursing around four times a day. These animals are only found in closed-canopy rainforests in West Africa. Their primary predators are leopards.

No. 4. Zebra Finch-

These birds are one of the fastest maturing bird species in the world. Young birds are ready to form pairs and breed between the ages of 70 and 80 days. They are one of the smallest birds, growing up to only ten centimeters.

No. 5. Zebrafish –

These fish are one of the most commonly used model organisms for genetic and developmenta
l studies. Zebrafish are one of the few fish that have been sent to space. Zebrafish hearts have
the ability to regenerate after damage.

Animals that Start with Z-

No. 6. Zebra Shark –

They have barbels, which are slender sensory organs located at the front of their snouts
that helps them seek out prey. They are non-aggressive towards humans, and their only
predators are larger shark species and humans.

No. 7. Zebu –

These animals are one of the oldest breeds of cattle in the world, originating from Asia.
Zebus are the only type of cattle that live in tropical rainforests. They are easily recognized
by the large hump on their shoulders and the long flap of skin on their chest.

No. 8. Zenaida Dove –

They are found throughout the Caribbean and on the northern coast of the Yucatán Peninsula,
Mexico. They stick to open woodland, forest edge, clearings, scrub thickets, and shrubby areas.
They are the national bird of Anguilla.

No. 9. Zokor-

These mole-like animals have very sensitive eyes that are nearly covered in fur. Zokors are
found throughout China and southern Siberia.

No. 10. Zone-tailed Pigeon-

A group of birds that are found in the Philippines and are listed as endangered.