Phrasal Verbs with GIVE

Phrasal Verbs with GIVE
Phrasal Verbs with GIVE

Phrasal Verbs with GIVE:-Today In this article we shall discuss with you on the English grammar topic Phrasal Verbs with GIVE  in detail. In the earlier post you have read about Parts of a Plant in detail.

Phrasal Verbs with GIVE-

Give away, Give forth, Give out, Give up

36 Phrasal verbs with GIVE! Learn give away meaning, give back meaning, give forth meaning, give in meaning, give out meaning, give in meaning, give up meaning, give way to meaning…with examples.

List of phrasal verbs with Give with meaning and example sentences in English.

No. 1. Give away Meaning & Examples-

Give away

Meaning: Make a gift of (something)

Example: I didn’t like that book, so I gave it away.

Give away

Meaning: Formally hand over a bride to the bridegroom; often by her father

Example: Who give away this woman to this man in Holy matrimony?

Give away

Meaning: Unintentionally reveal a secret, or expose someone

Example: He gave himself away with a stupid lie.

Give away

Meaning: Concede an advantage in weight, time, height etc.

Example: Despite giving away twenty pounds in weight, the challenger found a knock-out blow in the second round.

फ्रेजल वर्ब्स विद गिव –

No. 2. Give back, Give forth Meaning & Examples-

Give back

Meaning: Return, restore

Example: Give me back my book!

Give back

Meaning: Contribute money, goods or, especially, services for charitable purposes, as if in return for one’s own success We organize this

Example: Thanksgiving dinner at the old-age home to give back to the community.

Give forth

Meaning: Emit or release something

Example: The chimney gave forth a cloud of grey smoke.

Give forth

Meaning: Give off an emanation

Example: The roses give forth a very heady scent at this time of the year.

Phrasal Verbs with GIVE – 

No. 3. Give in, Give in to Meaning & Examples-

Give in

Meaning: Collapse or fall

Example: The roof gave in under the weight of the snow.

Give in

Meaning: Relent, yield, surrender or admit defeat

Example: I finally gave in and let him stay up to watch TV.

Give in to

Meaning: Allow a feeling or desire to control you

Example: If you feel the urge for a cigarette, try not to give in to it.

Give in to

Meaning: Criticise harshly or punish someone for something.

Example: She would not give in to these men.

Phrasal Verbs with GIVE-

No. 4. Give it up for/to, Give of oneself, Give off Meaning & Examples-

Give it up for/to

Meaning: Applaud.

Example: Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the star of our show, Amy Jones!

Give of oneself

Meaning: Devote oneself unselfishly to a task, especially to give time and energy

Example: Thank you to all our dedicated volunteers who have given of themselves to make this project a success.

Give off

Meaning: Emit; to produce and send forth

Example: The substance was giving off smoke.

No. 5. Give out Meaning & Examples

Give out

Meaning: Issue; to distribute

Example: Can you help me to give out the new books to the class, please?

Give out

Meaning: Break down, get out of order, fail

Example: So your old car finally gave out, did it?

Give out

Meaning: Complain, sulk, chastise

Example: You shouldn’t give out to your brother like that.

Phrasal Verbs with GIVE-

No. 6. Give over Meaning & Examples-

Give over

Meaning: Entrust (something) to another

Example: She gave the deeds over to the solicitor.

Give over

Meaning: Devote or resign to a particular purpose or activity

Example: He gave himself over to a monastic life.

Give over

Meaning: Give up; abandon; desert; stop

Example: Give over with your nonsense, will you!


No. 7. Give up, Give up on, Give yourself up Meaning & Examples-

Give up

Meaning: Surrender (someone or something)

Example: They gave him up to the police.

Give up

Meaning: Stop or quit (an activity, etc)

Example: They gave up the search when it got dark.

Give up

Meaning: Relinquish (something)

Example: He gave up his seat to an old man.

Give up

Meaning: Lose hope concerning (someone or something)

Example: They gave him up for dead.

Give up

Meaning: Abandon (someone or something)

Example: I gave up my faith years ago.

Give up

Meaning: Admit defeat, to capitulate

Example: OK, I give up, you win.

Give up on

Meaning: Lose faith in or stop believing in something or someone.

Example: Most of the teachers gave up on her years ago.

Give up on

Meaning: Stop feeling hope.

Example: At that point, I hadn’t completely given up on the marriage.

Give yourself up

Meaning: Surrender to the police or authorities

Example: The gunman gave himself up to the police.

Phrasal Verbs with GIVE-

No. 8. Give way, Give way to Meaning & Examples

Give way

Meaning: Yield to persistent persuasion

Example: The mother gave way to her crying child.

Give way

Meaning: Collapse or break under physical stresses

Example: After years of neglect, the rusty old bridge could give way at any time.

Give way 

Meaning: Give precedence to other road users

Example: At the crossing, cars must give way to pedestrians.

Give way to

Meaning: Be replaced by something better, cheaper, more modern, etc

Example: The storm gave way to bright sunshine.

Give way to

Meaning: Allow a vehicle to pass in front.

Example: Let’s give way to traffic coming from the right.

Give way to

Meaning: Surrender to strong emotions

Example: Flinging herself on the bed, she gave way to helpless misery.