Sentence meaning and types

Sentence meaning and types
Sentence meaning and types

Sentence meaning and types:-आज SSCGK आपसे Sentence meaning and types के बारे में विस्तार से चर्चा करेंगे।

इससे पहली पोस्ट में आप Articles के बारे में विस्तार से पढ़ चुके हैं।

Sentence meaning and types:-

“A sentence is a group of words that make a complete sense.”


This is a book.

That is a cow.

This is a mango.

That is a big car.

Roshni is a good girl.

Radha is a good dancer.

Tannu is a brave girl.

Jiya is an intelligent girl.

Sentence  types:-

After reading the the examples given above we found that every sentence has a subject and a predicate.


1.Sudesh is a good cook.

Subject -Sudesh

Predicate– is a good cook.


2.Radha is a good dancer.

Subject– Radha

Predicate– is a good dancer.


  1. Roshni is an obedient girl.

Subject– Roshni

Predicate-is an obedient girl.


  1. Jiya is an intelligent girl.

Subject:- Jiya

Predicate:- is an intelligent girl.

Types of sentences:-

Sentences Types/Kinds:-

  1. Assertive/declarative sentences
  2. Interrogative sentences
  3. Imperative sentences
  4. Exclamatory sentences


  1. Assertive/declarative sentences:-

Sentences that make a statement are called assertive/declarative sentences. They give us information and they normally end with a full stop.


Radha likes Krishna.

Sudesh likes coffee.

Sneha watched a cricket match on TV last night.

I visited a historical place yesterday.

Tannu likes funny videos.

Mamta is a good care taker.

Jitender is a good kabaddi player.

Sentence meaning and types:-

  1. Interrogative sentences:-

Sentences that start with what, when, why, where, how and ask a question are called interrogative sentences. They always end with mark of interrogation.(?)


What is this?

What is your name?

why are you screaming?

What is your favourite book?

Where is your house?

Where is your cow?

Who is your best friend?

Where is your brother?

When you go to school?

How old are you?

When you came back from Delhi?

Why are you sitting here?

Why are you telling lie?

Sentence meaning and types:-
  1. Imperative sentences:-

Sentences that give a command are called imperative sentences.They tell us to do something and they end with a full stop or mark of exclamation.


Stop making a noise.

Stop bothering me.

Please shut the window to keep out the bugs.

Put your books away and listen to me.

Turn left at the railway crossing.

Sentence meaning and types:-
  1. Exclamatory sentences:-

Sentences that express strong emotion/surprise are called exclamatory sentences. They always end with an mark of exclamation.(!)


How well Roshni dances!

What a beautiful scenery!

Wow Tannu won a gold in the national championship!

What long hairs you have!

What a terrible eyes you have!