Verb Meaning and Examples

Verb Meaning and Examples
Verb Meaning and Examples

Verb Meaning and Examples:-आज इस आर्टिकल में SSCGK आपसे Verb Meaning and Examples के बारे में विस्तार से चर्चा करेंगे।क्रिया का अर्थ और उदाहरण फॉर

इससे पहले आर्टिकल में आप Current Affairs GK for SSC Exams के बारे में विस्तार से पढ़ चुके हैं।

Verb Meaning and Examples:-

In simple words a verb is a kind of word that cancer RC about an action or a state in other words a verb is a word or a combination of words that indicates action or a state of being or condition.


  1. Suman writes a letter.
  2. Sahil runs a race.
  3. Raunak sings a song.
  4. Deepu dances very well.

Verb Meaning and Examples for SSC:-

In the above sentences writes, runs, sings, dances etc. Are the action words that describe what the subject is doing. These words show an action. a simple sentence may either have a main verb, a helping verb or both.

In conclusion we can define a verb in given words-

“a verb is a doing world that should an external an event or a state.”

Verb Meaning and Examples for CGL:-

जिन शब्दों से किसी काम के करने या होने का बोध हो उन्हें क्रिया कहते हैं।”

जैसे:- खाना,पीना, उठना, बैठना, हंसना, रोना, धोना, जागना, सोना, आना, जाना, खेलना, कूदना आदि।

Types of verbs:-

  1. Main verbs
  2. Helping verbs
  3. Transitive verbs
  4. Intransitive verbs
  5. Linking verbs

Verb Meaning and Examples for CHSL:-

Main verbs-these words are used to express action something that a person and animal or a thing does.


The sun shines in the sky.

The boy plays in the ground.

No.2.-Helping verbs-these works are used to support the main verb.


Kanaklata is honestly doing her duty.

We were playing in the garden.


क्रिया का अर्थ और उदाहरण फॉर  CPO:-

Transitive verbs-a transitive verb expresses and action directed towards a person place or thing.

जिन क्रियाओं के प्रयोग में कर्म की आवश्यकता होती है, वे सकर्मक क्रियाएं कहलाती हैं।

जैसे- खाना, पीना, लिखना, पढ़ना आदि।


The education officer made a plan.

Roshni cut an Apple.

Raunak is writing a story.

They are playing cricket.


क्रिया का अर्थ और उदाहरण फॉर  HSSC:-

Intransitive verbs-a verb which does not need an object to make complete sense is called intransitive verb.

जिन क्रियाओं के प्रयोग में कर्म की आवश्यकता नहीं होती, वे अकर्मक क्रियाएं कहलाती हैं

जैसे- हंसना, उड़ना, रोना आदि


Rajni looks very beautiful.

Eagle flies carefully.

No.5.-Linking verbs-these works explain a link between the subject of the sentence and in noun or adjective being linked it.


The rose flowers are beautiful.

The scenery of the hill station is amazing.


Verb Meaning and Examples:-

Examples of verbs:-


  1. Act- कार्य करना- acted acted
  2. Accept-स्वीकार करना-accepted accepted
  3. Become-होना/बनना- became become
  4. Bend- झुकना- bent bent
  5. Admire-प्रशंसा करना-admired admired
  6. Adopt-गोद लेना-adopted adopted
  7. Get-प्राप्त करना- got got
  8. Agree- सहमत होना-agreed agreed
  9. Allow-अनुमति देना-allowed allowed
  10. Bite-दांतो से काटना- bit bitten
  11. Approve-अनुमोदन करना-approved approved
  12. Announce-घोषणा करना-announced announced
  13. Begin-शुरू करना- began begun
  14. Argue-ज़िद करना-argued argued
  15. Abuse-गाली देना-abused abused


Verb Meaning and Examples:-

  1. Buy-खरीदना- bought bought
  2. Approve—approved approved
  3. Ask-पूछना-asked asked
  4. Bring-लाना-brought brought
  5. Arrange- इंतजाम करना-arranged arranged
  6. Attack-हमला करना-attacked attacked
  7. Blow-बहना- blew blown
  8. Appreciate-प्रशंसा करना-appreciated appreciated
  9. Break-तोड़ना- broke broken
  10. Build-बनाना- built built
  11. Catch-पकड़ना- caught caught
  12. Burn-जलना-burnt burnt
  13. Burst-फोड़ना/फटना- bursted bursted
  14. Climb-चढ़ना- climbed climbed
  15. Beat-पीटना- beat beaten


Verb Meaning and Examples:-

  1. Come-आना- came come
  2. Count-गिनना- counted counted
  3. Do-करना- did done
  4. Cut-काटना- cut cut
  5. Choose-चुनना- chose choosen
  6. Delete-मिटाना- deleted deleted
  7. Absorb-सोखना- absorbed absorbed
  8. Afford-सहन करना- afforded afforded
  9. Delay-देर होना- delayed delayed
  10. Advise-सलाह देना- advised advised
  11. Applaud-प्रशंसा करना-applauded applauded
  12. Clean-साफ करना- cleaned cleaned
  13. Apologize-क्षमा मांगना- apologised apologized
  14. Acquire-अधिग्रहण करना- acquired acquired
  15. Dig-खोदना- dug dug


Verb Meaning and Examples:-

  1. Answer-उत्तर देना-answered answered
  2. Eat-खाना- ate eaten
  3. Drink-पीना- drank drunk
  4. Give-देना- gave given
  5. Go-जाना- went gone
  6. Keep –रखना- kept kept
  7. Hang-लटकाना- hanged hanged
  8. Have-रखना- had had
  9. Grant-प्रदान करना granted granted
  10. Grow-उगाना- grew grown
  11. Hear-सुनना- heard heard
  12. Hold-पकड़ना- held held
  13. Know-जानना- knew known
  14. Hurt-चोट पहुंचाना- hurted hurted
  15. Like-पसंद करना- liked liked


Verb Meaning and Examples:-

  1. Meet-मिलना met met
  2. Make-बनाना- made made
  3. Live-रहना- lived lived
  4. Lose-खोना- lost lost
  5. Say-कहना- said said
  6. See-देखना- saw seen
  7. Lead-नेतृत्व करना led led
  8. Lend-उधार देना- lent lent
  9. Sleep-सोना- slept slept
  10. Spend-खर्च करना- spent spent
  11. Borrow-उधार लेना- borrowed borrowed
  12. Fight-लड़ना- fought fought
  13. Swim-तैरना- swam swum
  14. Stand-खड़ा होना- stood stood
  15. Tear-फाड़ना- tore torn


Verb Meaning and Examples:-
  1. Teach-पढ़ाना- taught taught
  2. Sell-बेचना- sold sold
  3. Study-अध्ययन करना- studied studied
  4. Learn-सीखना- learnt learnt
  5. Rise-उदय होना- rose risen
  6. Sit-बैठना- sat sat
  7. Ride-सवारी करना- rode ridden
  8. Take-लेना- took taken
  9. Write-लिखना- wrote written
  10. Tell-बताना- told told
  11. Win-जीतना- won won
  12. Wash-धोना- washed washed
  13. Visit- भेंट/मुलाकात-visited visited
  14. Work-काम करना- worked  worked
  15. Worry-चिंता करना- worried worried


Verb Meaning and Examples:-
  1. Speak-बोलना- spoke spoken
  2. Watch-देखना- watched watched
  3. Laugh-हंसना- laughed laughed
  4. Weep-रोना- wept wept
  5. Pay-अदा करना/ देना –paid paid
  6. Think-सोचना- thought thought
  7. Beg- भीख मांगना- begged begged
  8. Apply-लागू करना- applied applied
  9. Arise-उठना/जागना- arose arisen
  10. Wish-इच्छा होना- wished wished
  11. Bear-जन्म देना- bore born
  12. Bear-सहन करना- bore borne
  13. Drive-हांकना- drove droven
  14. Hold-पकड़ना- held held
  15. Celebrate-मनाना-celebrated celebrated
  16. Leave-छोड़ना- left left