Fast Food List


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Fast Food List:-

Types of Fast Food

In English speaking countries, fast food is a massive business, especially in the United States. There are a whole wealth of fast food restaurants each of them specializing in a different type of food-burgers, chicken, pizza etc.

When you are in one of these places, it is important for you to be able to tell your server what food you would like as well as being able to read the menu and fully understand it.

In this section, you are going to learn and remember the different types of fast food, expanding your vocabulary and gaining knowledge.

Fast Food List

Fast food is a type of processed food that is quickly and easily prepared by a restaurant or takeaway. These foods are meant to be eaten more quickly than a sit-down meal in a non-fast-food restaurant, so they are very convenient and you often don’t need to leave your car to purchase them because you can drive by outside the restaurant. Though it can be healthy, fast food is usually unhealthy and linked to problems like obesity and poor diets.

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Types of Fast Food




4.Milk shake



7.Biscuit (U.K) – Cookie (U.S)


9.Hot dog

10.Fried chicken



13.Soft drink


15.Onion ring





20.Chip (U.S) – Fry (U.K)


Fast Food Names with Examples-

Learn different types of fast food with examples and pictures to improve and increase your food vocabulary words in English.

Fast food is a mass-produced food that is prepared and served very quickly. The food is typically less nutritionally valuable compared to other foods and dishes.

No.-1. Hamburger

I can hot the hamburger up in a minute.

No.-2. Cheeseburger

I’d like a cheeseburger to take away, please.

No.-3. Sandwich

I usually have a sandwich for lunch.

No.-4. Milk shake

I must make the watermelon milk shake.

No.-5. Muffin

Items such as dry soup and muffin mixes or refrigerated bread sticks can prevent a mealtime crisis.

No.-6. Burrito

I’ll have the burrito and taco combo, please.

No.-7. Biscuit (U.K) – Cookie (U.S)

She dunked a biscuit/ cookie in her tea.

No.-8. Taco

I’ll have the burrito and taco combo, please.

No.-9. Hot dog

She bought a hot dog from a stand on a street corner.

No.-10. Fried chicken

There is a smell of fried chicken in this room.

No.-11. Donuts

The old men sit around the table talking and dunking donuts into their coffee.

Fast Food List:-

No.-12. Baguette

For many, nothing is better than a fresh baguette that’s hot out of a baker’s oven.

No.-13. Soft drink

Teenage soft drink consumption has doubled in recent years.

No.-14. Pizza

She cancelled her order for a pizza.

No.-15. Onion ring

I ordered a burger with onion rings.

No.-16. Sausage

The sausage was very highly seasoned.

No.-17. Pretzel

So many people in so little space that everyone had to stand up, with nothing to eat but peanuts and pretzels.

No.-18. Pancake

Do you want a sweet pancake or a savoury one?

No.-19. Bacon

We used to have bacon and eggs for breakfast.

No.-20. Chip (U.S) – Fry (U.K)

They live next door to the fish and chip/ fry shop.

No.-21. Noodle

I’ll have instant noodle for supper.