Regular Verbs


Today in this article we shall discuss with you about English topic Regular Verbs in detail. In the earlier post you have read about the Short Vowel Words Short Vowel Sounds in detail.

Regular Verbs:-

 Here is a List of 300+ Useful Regular Verbs in English given as under-

When constructing a sentence, it is important to know at what tense you are doing it; in this sense, it is essential to understand how to conjugate verbs well. In English, we have two types of verbs, irregular verbs, whose conjugation does not obey any grammar rule, and regular verbs, which are always conjugated with specific regulations. Today, we will show you the rules that you must consider to conjugate them correctly.

Regular Verbs Definition-

“Regular verbs are those that do not modify their stem when they are conjugated.”

What does that mean?

This means that we only have to add “ed” or “d” to regular verbs to make them past or past participle. Yes, the past simple and the past participle of these verbs are the same.

Orthography Rules-

To conjugate regular verbs well, you have to take into account the following information:

No.-1.As a general rule, we add “ed” to regular English verbs to make them past. However, if the verb ends in “e,” we are only going to add a “d” to it.

visit → visited

work → worked

bake → baked

Regular Verbs-

No.-2. End of the verb in consonant + “y,” we are going to change that “y” for an “i,” and we will add “ed.”

study → studied

apply → applied

dry → dried

No.-3. End of the verb in vowel + “y,” we will only add “ed” to the verb.

enjoy → enjoyed

play → played

destroy → destroyed

No.-4. If the verb only has one syllable and the last three letters of the verb follow the pattern “consonant + vowel + consonant,” we will double the final consonant and add “ed.”

ban → banned

mop → mopped

trap → trapped

IMPORTANT! Please do not duplicate the following letters when they appear at the end of the verb: h, j, q, v, w, x, y.

No.-5. A verb with two syllables and the voice’s force falls on the second syllable; we will double the last consonant and add “ed.”

Permit → permitted

commit → committed

compel → compelled

रेगुलर वर्ब्स-

Pronunciation Rules

The ending “ed” in regular English verbs can be pronounced in three different ways. To better understand these pronunciation rules, we are going to use our hands and throat.

No.-1. If the pronunciation of regular verbs ends with “-t” or “-d,” the ending “-ed” will be pronounced as /-id /.



No.-2. If we use our voice to pronounce the last sound of the verb, the ending “-ed” will sound like a /-d /.



The most common voiced consonants in English are: / b /, / g /, / z /, / v /, / m /, / n /, / l /, / s /, / w /, / y /, / r /. They are sonorous because we use our voice to articulate them. If you touch your throat when saying them out loud, you will feel your vocal chords vibrate.

Remember, every time we use our voice to pronounce the last sound of the verb, the ending “-ed” will sound like a /-d /. Shall we do a little exercise? Let’s use the verb “beg.” Say “begggggg” out loud and touch your throat. Isn’t it true that your throat vibrates a little? Since the / g / sound is voiced, “begged” is pronounced with a /-d / at the end.

Regular Verbs-

No.-3. If we don’t use our voice to pronounce the last sound of the verb, the ending “-ed” will sound like a /-t /.



We do not use our voice when pronouncing some consonants. Which? We do not use our voice when pronouncing voiceless consonants. If you touch your throat when pronouncing them, you will find that your vocal cords do not vibrate. The voiceless consonants of English are: / p /, / s /, / f /, / k /, / h /, / sh /, / ch /, / gh /, / th /, / ss /, / c /, / x /.

Ready for one last exercise? Read the following verbs and touch your throat (sniffed, helped). Your vocal cords will not vibrate when you pronounce the final sound of the verb. Since our vocal cords do not vibrate when pronouncing the last sound of previous verbs, we pronounce the past tense of such verbs with a /-t / at the end.

Regular Verbs:-

List of Most Used Regular Verbs –


Accept  Accepted

Accuse  Accused

Achieve                Achieved

Act         Acted

Add        Added

Admire Admired

Admit    Admitted

Adopt   Adopted

Advise  Advised

Affect   Affected

Agree    Agreed

Allow     Allowed

Announce           Announced

Appreciate          Appreciated

Approve              Approved

Argue    Argued

Arrive    Arrived

Ask         Asked

Assist    Assisted

Attack   Attacked

Attempt               Attempted

Attend  Attend

Avoid    Avoided

Regular Verbs-

Back (up)             Backed (up)

Bake      Baked

Banish   Banished

Beg        Begged

Behave Behaved

Believe Believed

Belittle  Belittled

Blame   Blamed

Bog down            Bogged down

Boil         Boiled

Borrow Borrowed

Bother  Bothered

Bound   Bounded

Brake    Braked

Brush    Brushed

Bury       Buried


Regular Verbs:-

Call         Called

Carry     Carried

Cause    Caused

Celebrate            Celebrated

Challenge            Challenged

Change Changed

Chase    Chased

Chat       Chatted

Cheat    Cheated

Check    Checked

Cheer    Cheered

Chew    Chewed

Clap       Clapped

Clean     Cleaned

Clear      Cleared

Climb     Climbed

Close     Closed

Coax      Coaxed

Coexist Coexisted

Collect  Collected

Compare             Compared

Compete             Competed

Complain             Complained

Concoct                Concocted

Confess                Confessed

Consider              Considered

Construct            Constructed

Contact Contacted

Continue             Continued

Control Controlled

Cook      Cooked

Copy      Copied

Cough   Coughed

Count    Counted

Crash     Crashed

Create  Created

Cry         Cried

Curse    Cursed

Cycle     Cycled

Regular Verbs-

Damage               Damaged

Dance   Danced

Decide  Decided

Deliver  Delivered

Demand               Demanded

Design  Designed

Destroy                Destroyed

Develop               Developed

Die         Died

Disappoint          Disappointed

Discover               Discovered

Discuss Discussed

Disregard             Disregarded

Disturb Disturbed

Divide   Divided

Drag       Dragged

Dress     Dressed

Dry         Dried

Dunk     Dunked


Regular Verbs:-

Earn       Earned

Eliminate             Eliminated

Emigrate              Emigrated

Employ Employed

Encourage           Encouraged

End        Ended

Enjoy     Enjoyed

Escape  Escaped

Establish              Established

Estimate              Estimated

Exercise               Exercised

Expand Expanded

Explain  Explained

Fake      Faked

Film        Filmed

Finish    Finished

Fish        Fished

Fix          Fixed

Flush     Flushed

Follow   Followed

Force     Forced

Foster   Fostered

Fry          Fried

Gather  Gathered

Regular Verbs-

Grab      Grabbed

Grade   Graded

Greet    Greeted

Ground Grounded

Guess   Guessed

Happen                Happened

Harass   Harassed

Harm     Harmed

Hate      Hated

Heal       Healed

Heat      Heated

Help       Helped

Hesitate               Hesitated

Hire        Hired

Hitchhike             Hitchhiked

Hope     Hoped

Hunt      Hunted

Hurry     Hurried

Hush (up)            Hushed (up)

Identify                Identified

Imagine                Imagined

Include Included

Insist     Insisted

Intend  Intended

Interest                Interested

Interrupt             Interrupted

Introduce            Introduced

Invent   Invented

Investigate         Investigated

Irritate  Irritated


Regular Verbs:-

Jinx        Jinxed

Join        oined

Joke       Joked

Jump     Jumped

Kick        Kicked

Kill          Killed

Kiss        Kissed

Knock    Knocked

Land      Landed

Last        Lasted

Laugh    Laughed

Learn     Learned

Lie          Lied

Lift          Lifted

Like        Liked

Link        Linked

List         Listed

Listen    Listened

Live        Lived

Locate   Located

Lock       Locked

Love      Loved

Regular Verbs-

Mail       Mailed

Marry    Married

Measure              Measured

Mind     Minded

Miss       Missed

Mistreat               Mistreated

Mix (up)               Mixed (up)

Move    Moved

Murder Murdered

Name    Named

Need     Needed

Note      Noted

Notice   Noticed

Number               Numbered

Obey     Obeyed

Offend Offended

Offer     Offered

Open     Opened

Outsmart             Outsmarted

Overreact            Overreacted

Regular Verbs-

Paint      Painted

Park       Parked

Phone   Phoned

Pick        Picked

Pip          Ripped

Piss (off)              Pissed (off)

Place     Placed

Plan       Planned

Play        Played

Please   Pleased

Pluck     Plucked

Practice                Practiced

Praise    Praised

Pray       Prayed

Prefer   Preferred

Pretend               Pretended

Print      Printed

Proceed               Proceeded

Promise               Promised

Pull         Pulled

Pull         Pulled

Punch   Punched

Punish  Punished

Purchase    Purchased

Push      Pushed

Question  Questioned


Regular Verbs:-

Race      Raced

Rain       Rained

Rate       Rated

Recommend      Recommended

Reduce Reduced

Refuse  Refused

Regret  Regretted

Rehearse             Rehearsed

Relax     Relaxed

Remember         Remembered

Reply     Replied

Request               Requested

Rescue Rescued

Retire    Retired

Return  Returned

Rob        Robbed

Rub        Rubbed

Rush      Rushed

Regular Verbs-

Scare     Scared

Scold     Scolded

Seem    Seemed

Select    Selected

Share    Shared

Shop      Shopped

Shout    Shouted

Shrug    Shrugged

Sign        Signed

Skate     Skated

Slap        Slapped

Slip         Slipped

Smoke  Smoked

Snatch  Snatched

Snore    Snored

Sort        Sorted

Sound   Sounded

Stalk      Stalked

Stare     Stared

Start      Started

State     Stated

Stay       Stayed

Step       Stepped

Stop       Stopped

Store     Stored

Stroll      Strolled

Study    Studied

Succeed     Succeeded

Sue        Sued

Suggest    Suggested

Regular Verbs-

Talk        Talked

Taste     Tasted

Tease    Teased

Thank    Thanked

Touch    Touched

Tour       Toured

Trade    Traded

Travel    Traveled

Trip        Tripped

Trouble Troubled

Try          Tried

Turn       Turned

Twist     Twisted

Type      Typed


Regular Verbs:-

Underline            Underlined

Use        Used

Vary       Varied

Visit       Visited

Visit       Visited

Vote      Voted

Wait       Waited

Walk      Walked

Want     Wanted

Warn     Warned

Wash     Washed

Wast      Wasted

Watch   Watched

Water   Watered

Wave    Waved

Welcome     Welcomed

Wink      Winked

Wish      Wished

Witness                      Witnessed

Wonder    Wondered

Work     Worked

Worry   Worried

Wrap     Wrapped

Yell         Yelled